The magnificent city of Rajasthan attracts every nomadic soul to its grand forts, enormous palaces, and scenic sunsets. Rajasthan offers infinite places and things to marvel at in its cities. You can’t explore the entire state in a single trip but, this destination is surely a golden opportunity for backpackers. So, […]

Rajasthan owns a peculiar beauty and charm which attracts tourists even after being a desert state. Popularly known as ‘Land of the Kings’, you can still feel that royalty in the rich culture of Rajasthan. It holds a glorious history of Rajput Kings and their struggle with various invaders including […]

Adorned with natural beauty and scenic charms, Kerala is known as God’s own country since ages. Kerala, the hub of the attractive tourist destination, remains the favourite city of travel addicts. Be it, honeymoon perfect destinations, beaches, hill stations, historic places or commercial towns, you can explore all in Kerala. Kerala holiday packages are […]

Being a marvelous country settled into the mighty Himalayas, the beauty and grace of Bhutan are indefinable. Monasteries in Bhutan have emerged as the central tourist attraction due to the spread of Buddhism in this country. But what’s so special in them? Yes, the teachings, chanting, prayers, and atmosphere of […]

The list of honeymoon perfect destinations is too long, but it will remain incomplete without adding “the heaven on earth” in it. Yes, you should have estimated by now that we are talking about Kashmir. All of us have dreamt about the Honeymoon many times before actually going for it as it’s a very special […]

If you are one of the adventure freaks or someone who would love to spend quality time surrounded by the alluring natural beauty, then a trip to the Andaman Islands must be on the top of your bucket list! The surreal islands, crystal clear waters, amazing coastline and, fresh breeze add a magical charm to […]

A lot of travel bugs usually dream about planning a solo trip someday. Just imagine you are roaming in an exotic land all alone, exploring new places as per your own choices, meeting new people, and lending your ears to their fascinating tales. Yes, it’s something unique and exciting! The main motive of a […]

Any place of worship, irrespective of religion, radiates an aura of positivity. Such places when located amidst picturesque landscapes offer visitors an excellent opportunity to embrace the beauty of Mother Nature. One such sweet spot is Vidya Vihaar, a Jain temple situated in Shatrunjaya hills. It resides amongst a cluster of other Jain temples […]

In Rajasthan, there are many religious places to visit, Tijara A Jain temple is one of them. This is situated in Alawar district is known as the famous Jain temple. Jain religion is known as a holy religion which believes in the ‘’Ahinsa Parmo Dharm’’. In 1956, the 8th thrinthtkar […]