Tijara Jain Temple – The Holy Place

About Tijara Jain Temple

In Rajasthan, there are many religious places to visit, Tijara A Jain temple is one of them. This is situated in Alawar district is known as the famous Jain temple. Jain religion is known as a holy religion which believes in the ‘’Ahinsa Parmo Dharm’’.

In 1956, the 8th thrinthtkar of Jain Bhagavan Chandra Prabhu’s idol was founded in tijara. This idol of Bhagavan Chandra Prabhu is made with the white stone which is in Padmasana Posture.

There is a story behind the foundation of this. It says that there was a lady whose name was  Saraswati Devi who kept fast for three days. At the night of 3rd day, Mrs. Saraswati Devi was sleeping, then she dreamt about the place where the idol was present. Next morning, She told her husband Vaidya Shri Bihari Lal about the dream so they went that place and this miraculous idol of Bhagavan Chandra Prabhu were discovered.

At the time of the finding of this idol, the rain started after digging and thus hallowing of idol took place naturally. After some years in 1972, another idol of Bhagwan Chandra Prabhu was discovered, and it was in black color, under the guidance of Pujya Acharya Nirmal Sagarji Maharaj. So, after both the idols were installed, this place become famous among Jain religion.

The temple is made in a large rectangular area and the interior of the whole temple was done beautifully. For parikrama of Bhagwan, there is a space around the idol and this area is full of glass work and colorful paintings portraying the fabulous stories.

There is a kundli dust in the havan which is known as a remedy for all the sorrows and disease. People come here for remedy.

How to reach-

You can reach this beautiful and holy place by train and bus. Delhi is the nearest airport point. It takes 2 hours to reach here from Delhi. People also come here by own vehicle like a car, bus. There is a huge space for parking, and there is no charge for parking and they provide a good security for the vehicle also

Best time of visit-

This place is opened at every time and you can visit any time. Generally, people come here on weekend. In Tijara Temple fairs organize every year, and it can be the best time for visiting.


Temple provides the facility of staying. They have many rooms for the visitor, and their cost varies according to the facilities. A normal room cost is only 150 rs per day but if you want an AC room its cost will be 500 rs per day. There is also a facility for those people who visit only for some hours, there is a large waiting room where you can relax. You can stay also in hotels which are around 2 km far away from the temple.


In Jain temple, there is a separate place for eating which provides lunch and dinner and it called bhojnalay. It has delicious and hygienic food and after eating it you will feel satisfied. And the best thing is its cost only 40 rs per thali. Sometimes bhojnalay provides a special food free of cost.

It has timing for dinner till 6:30 and if you are not able to eat till that time don’t worry there are many restaurants outside the temple premise. These restaurants offer a variety of food you can eat here all type of cousion food – Chinese, Italian etc. Don’t forget the eat ice gola and kachori with aalu sabji. These two things are famous in this place.

At the night you will get hot milk with malai and this Is yummy and delicious drink which you cannot forget in your entire life.

What to buy-

There are many shops outside the temple. You can buy a pickle, papad, Masala, mangodi idols of god, books, CD of bhajan etc. You will find there a variety of bangles, neckless and toys for kids.

Other places-


Near the main temple, Chandra Vatika is present, which is having a huge idol of Chandraprabhu in open surrounded by a park. this is the most beautiful place in tijara. Local people of tijara also come here daily.

The old temple of Parshavanath-

This temple is 250 years old and it is nearby the temple. On the roof of the temple, there is a place for pigeon where you can feed bajara grains to pigeon.

Maa Padmavati Dhaam Jain Temple-

Under Sauvabh Sagarji Maharaj this temple is made and it is easily accessible as it is situated on the main highway road. Less than 10kms from Tijara Temple between Tijara and Bhiwadi.

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