Activities to Tick-off in Andaman Island in 5 Days

If you are one of the adventure freaks or someone who would love to spend quality time surrounded by the alluring natural beauty, then a trip to the Andaman Islands must be on the top of your bucket list! 

The surreal islands, crystal clear waters, amazing coastline and, fresh breeze add a magical charm to the Andaman Islands. Yes, this exotic destination beholds a never-ending list of adventures and possibilities for any tourist.

So, let’s have a glimpse at the top places and adventures which will make this 5-day tour to Andaman Island an unforgettable trip.

  • Water Sports for Adventure lovers:

Your trip will be totally incomplete without experiencing the most famous water sports in the deep blue seas of Andaman. Enjoy some breath-taking views of the aqua world through snorkeling or sea walking at the well-known elephant beach.

If you wish to explore the depths of the fish kingdom, then you must do scuba diving. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a water baby for enjoying any of these sports. You can still go for the water adventures without knowing the art of swimming just after some preliminary training by professionals. So get ready to greet the beautiful sea animals at the bottom of the ocean.

  • Beach hopping:

Witness the ultimate beauty and serenity of the Andaman Islands to the full extent as you visit the secluded beaches. These picture-perfect white-sand beaches with pure turquoise waters are enough to provide an enchanting experience. Treat yourself with a sunbath as you lay by the stunning seashore.

The mystic aura surrounding the coastline will soothe your body and mind. Some of the must-visit beaches are Radhanagar Beach, Elephant beach, Vijaynagar beach, Lalaji Bay beach, etc.

  • Parasailing and Seaplane Riding:

Enjoy the panorama of vast spread oceans without getting all wet. Yes, you heard it right! Some exciting activities such as parasailing and riding in a seaplane are waiting for you in the Andaman Islands. Fly like a free bird above the deepwater bodies and don’t forget to capture the top view of the entire beach.

  • Romantic evening at Havelock Island:

Enter directly into a romantic movie scene as you explore heavenly beaches of the Havelock islands. You will surely get Goosebumps while watching millions of tiny bright stars floating beneath your feet in the dark night. This sounds so magical as a dream, but, the real cause behind this phenomenon is bioluminescence which happens in no moon nights. Don’t miss the starry experience.

You can visit the island in the broad daylight as well for an altogether new experience. Have you ever imagined swimming with an elephant buddy? You can now make this weird imagination real by swimming with a trained elephant at Havelock Islands.

  • Witnessing the Light Show:

You must visit Cellular Jail of Port Blair to understand the unfamiliar side of the Andaman Islands. A patriotic feeling will engulf you while watching the light and sound show presented by the artists in this jail. The jail was famous as Kala Paani jail during the independence struggle. The British government used this jail to imprison the colonial leaders and protestors.

  • Relaxing and Bird watching:

Get a chance to interact with nature and its inhabitants during your trip to the Andaman Islands. Your next stop will be “Chidiya Tapu” where you can observe closely plenty of tiny chirpy birds and listen to their melodious songs. Don’t forget to shoot them up! Hey, but only with your camera.

You can spot colourful birds like parakeets, doves, eagles and many more embellished on the branches of mangroves. Watch closely as all of them possess a unique shape and beauty of their own.

  • Trekking and Sightseeing:

Opt for trekking to adore flora and fauna of the Andaman Islands. You must be unaware of this side of Andaman as it is most famous for water sports and beaches. But apart from relaxing you can also take up some more adventurous activities such as trekking from Madhuban to Mt. Harriet which is one of the highest peaks of the destination.

The wooden paths, deep green forests and the natural charm of this place will steal your heart. You can easily reach there by taking a ferry ride from Port Blair.

You must be packing your stuff and booking Andaman tour packages while reading about such exciting and fun-filled places of the islands. From all of these experiences, you can choose as per your preferences.

If you are a super-fast person, then you can easily explore all the destinations on a 5-day trip. In addition to these, you can also opt for many other activities as well such as exploring caves, museums, taking varied sightseeing tours and going for a glass-bottom boat ride. So stop reading and start preparing now. Have a safe and happy journey!

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